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Quality mascots do not need to cost a bomb

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It’s not about us, it’s about you.

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Exact Look, if not, even better

No need to cost a bomb

Quality mascots do not need to cost a bomb

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It’s not about us, it’s about you

Customised Mascot In Singapore

What We Do

Mascot Building

Whether your mascot is for a licensed character, brand or campaign, be sure that we will make you love it. Over the years, our mascots have left their footprints all around the world and creating joy for audiences internationally.

Mascots are useful marketing tools that act as brand amplifiers. They can interact with your audience and help them to identify your brand and remember you. If you want to capture the attention of your audience, using mascots is the way to go.

Mascot-Upgrading and Refurbishing

Is the design outdated? Have the colours faded? Or is the body structure damaged? It could be a mascot produced by us or it could your very own existing mascot, bring it to us to have it redesigned, duplicated or improved.

We will make your character come to life again and work even better.

Mascot Cleaning and Maintenance

If you put your mascots through meet-and-greet sessions, performances and just photo shoots, they will wear out too. Why not send them over to Mascot Enterprise for a pampering spa treatment? Get them dry-cleaned professionally, brushed and touched up to look and smell fresh for your next activation again! You would not want your mascots to stink and look under the weather too.


Your mascots will need its very own wardrobe of clothing and accessories to stand out in different occasions. Dress them up with a festive outfit for Christmas, Chinese New Year or even some ethnic costumes! You could give them some aviators, bling-bling, bags and props to spice up their character too!

Mascot Bags and Cases

Protective bags, casings and crates, we have them customized for your mascot transportation. Be sure that you can bring your mascots around at ease.

Each carrier is specially designed to suit the shape and weight of your mascot. Made with strong and sturdy materials, they can withstand the baggage handling for each truck, ship and plane ride that your mascot has to go through.

Display Standees and Solutions

Instead of just chucking your mascot aside when you are not using it, why not make full use of them and exhibit the mascots when not in use? Consult us for professional display solutions to maximize the branding impact of your mascots.

You could even have your mascots displayed in different poses. Just let us know and we will customize a display stand for you. It would be sturdy, easy to set up and dismantle, and it will help to save space too!

Mascot Storage

Do you have a humongous mascot but with little storage space? Or do you have more than one mascot for your campaign? With our mascot storage service, you can have fewer worries. Mascot Enterprise has its very own team who will be handling the storage and care of mascots, helping to check the items every time the mascot comes back from their activation. Entrust your mascots with our mascot nannies who will help with the cleaning and maintenance to enjoy a seamless mascot care package!

Why Choose Us

We believe that every mascot is unique on its own and plays an important role in representing their brand and character.

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