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Mascot  a Novelty or a Relic?

The best advertisements are those that manage to create an emotional connection between product and customer. Mascots or inflatable costumes can be the iconic and distinctive character to stir the emotional connection and feel-good nostalgia that pushes or influences consumers to make a purchasing decision. Mascots as advertising or marketing strategy can significantly help to evoke the emotions or stimulate nostalgia or jog the memory of consumers to inspire or spur them to make up their purchasing decision.

Firstimpressions are usually lasting impressions. The way your brand is beingperceived is crucial to have consumers remember your company easily. Mascotsare synonymous to the brand. Brands such as Disney and McDonald’s are oftenrecognisable from their mascots, Mickey and Ronald McDonald, without evermentioning the name of the company. It also often embodies and inspire thebrand’s personality. Recently, mascots have become brands’ social mediapersonality, amplifying emotional connections, building relationships, drivingand engaging in casual conversations on profile pages. Consumers prefer andwould instead interact online with a character than with a corporate executivedue to the appealing personality of the mascot. The warmth, well-liked natureof mascots also diminishes the commercial-sales pitch feel and makes itpersonal as well as more human.

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Mascots ensurethat your brand remains neutral, unbiased and impartial. It remains relatableto the everyday needs of consumers and the universality of products. Mascotshave an advantage over static logos or brand ambassadors. While famouscelebrities or sports figures are able to provide a physical presence as wellas reputable and memorable testimonials, it can all proved to be liabilitiesif, and when, the human spokespersons misbehave, reflecting poorly on theproducts they are representing. Mascots are also usually engendered more trustamong consumers, making these figures timeless and everlasting, almostimmortal. Mascots have the potential to reflect the heritage of the brand orthe product. When mascots are done right, mascots can also represent and showthe pride of a locality. One such example was Singapore the Courtesy Lion.Singapore the Courtesy Lion was launched as part of Singapore’s NationalCourtesy Campaign, used in various public education campaigns educating thegeneral public on courtesy and graciousness. From 2009 till 2013, Singapore theCourtesy Lion has been adopted as the official mascot of the Singapore Kindness Movement.

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MascotEnterprise provides the perfect balance between high quality, functional andaesthetic-looking mascot at cheapinflatable costumes price. Whether the mascot has to withstand ameet-and-greet or endure a live show, MascotEnterprisewill build a mascot suited to your budget, comfort, function as well as amascot that truly represents your brand. In addition to offering inflatablecostumes for adults as well as inflatable costumes for kids, Mascot Enterpriseoffers upgrading and refurbishing services to put the shine back to past anddusted mascot, reviving the life of the character. Mascot Enterprise can alsoprovide a change of wardrobe and accessories, fitting your inflatable costumes Singapore or mascot in festive outfits and someprops to spice up their character. Mascot Enterprise also providestransportation as well as display solutions for your mascots and inflatablecostumes. They offer high-quality protective bags, casings and cratestailor-made to transport your mascot via truck, ship or plane. MascotEnterprise also offers professional display solutions to exhibit your inflatable Halloween costumes, inflatabledinosaur, inflatable horse costume or the inflatableT-Rex costume Singapore.

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