From Ideas to Life

Step 1: Conceptualization

Every Mascot is a creation between you and us, and it all starts from the generation of the mascot concept. No ideas yet? During this phase, we will work closely with you to develop a concept through clear understanding of your company, branding, culture, desired image and objectives of the mascot. This core information will form the guiding principles through the remaining stages to create a mascot perfectly cut out to achieve the company goals.

mascot collection

Step 2: Design

Revolving around the goals and concept of the mascot, our digital artists will work their creative juices to generate remarkable designs that balance out with the functionality of the mascot.

mascot lionAlready have a design? Let our team translate them into technical drawings accurately, illustrating the size and scale of the mascot, how the talents would be like in them and where their viewing would be. There are many technical choices to consider and this is also the stage where our team would provide pratical advice and recommendations on the different options available.

mascot horse

Step 3: Build

With their nimble fingers and strict technical checks, our mascot builders will bring the mascot together part by part, using the finest materials. Let them transform every slight detail of the design accurately into a comfortable and durable mascot beaming with life.

mascot mask

Step 4: Support

You and your mascots are of utmost importance to us and every mascot has to be well maintained in order to prolong the lifespan of it. Mascot Enterprise provides a full range of services taking care of your after-sales maintenance, upgrade and cleaning.

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